Bluff City Community Development Corporation (BCCDC) has developed approximately 60 million dollars’ worth of quality affordable housing apartment homes and has produced more affordable housing units than any other nongovernment funded nonprofit in Memphis, and has created several economic development opportunities to Memphians, however we could have done more only if we had additional capital.  BCCDC’s biggest obstacle has been the lack of capital and/or the lack of enough capital to be able to use it as leverage to accomplish our current affordable housing development and economic development goals/strategies. Receiving contributions, grants, foundational awards, etc. will allow us the ability to not go to our community partners with our hands out asking for their assistance, but will place BCCDC in the position of having enough money in hand to use as leverage or as a financial equity to help give an incentive to our community partners to assist us in developing more affordable housing development and economic development in Memphis, Shelby County, and throughout Tennessee.

If you are interested in donating, please Contact Us.